Company Overview

We OpenArc Engineering Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. Is a newly formed company under OpenArc Group of Companies (ISO 9001 and CMMI level 3 Quality certified company) and with professional engineers to cater many segments in engineering sector in this country. One of the solutions we focus on is renewable energy projects in Sri Lanka. When we talk about OpenArc, we started this company in year 1991 as a software development company and now we have 05 companies under OpenArc Group. We have sound financial back ground and located in 6 stories building in Colombo.

Our Solutions

OpenArc Engineering Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Professional Engineering Company deals with;


  • Solar Power Generation
  • Assembly of all types of LED Lightning products,
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Installations

We have strong team with professionally qualified engineers and Technicians who specialized in Solar Power Generation, LED application and lighting,Electrical Installations, which have been focusing on Design, Installation, Testing and commissioning. We undertake Energy Auditing and advice our clients the necessary changes to the installation to reduce the power consumption.


Some of our team members have worked in this industry for many years and they are capable of handing these projects.

We have developed many LED lighting products. We are very concern about the quality of our products.

Net metering solutions we offer for our clients will be more optimal and cost effective solutions with quality components.

LED lights can save 80% of the energy. Compared with fluorescent tubes, LED lights do not have any harmful materials, such as mercury.

We are glad to offer these Eco-friendly and energy-saving products so that we can make our own efforts to create a more beautiful and Eco-friendly society in our Mother Sri Lanka.


The best and sincere service can let you know more about our products and it can be customized according to your requirements.

We sincerely hope to create energy saving and brighter environment.



"Save energy for future generations"


"High quality and the best service" is our core value in our business.

Our Products - Solar Power Generation

We offer world recognized ET Solar Panels (Mono & Poly) and Invertors which could use on Net Metering environment as well as direct power environment.

Potential in the Market

Sri Lanka is a tropical country and at the moment 4.7 Million electricity users are in sri lanka. Out of 4.7 million, 3.5 million are domestic users. Out of 3.5 Million domestic users about 200,000 houses consumed high usage of electricity and our target market is for them for providing Solar Grid Tie solutions. Electricity generation in Sri Lanka mostly depends on Thermal Power Generation. Government has introduced a new tariff structure effective from 20th April 2013 which is more costly for heavy consumers

Our products comply with following specifications.

  • IEC 61727 (2004-12) or latest available equivalent standards
  • IEEE 1547 – 2003 or latest available equivalent standards
  • Local distribution authorities regulations

LED Illumination

We cater LED Illumination bulbs to cater many market segments in Sri Lanka. We can supply LED Chip Bulbs, LED Garden Lights, LED Tubes, LED Spotlights, LED SMD Bulbs, Led Flood Lights, Led High Bay, LED Street Lights, LED Ceiling Lights, LED High Bay and Yard Lights, LED Panel Lights etc.